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Teeth Whitening in Kailua-Kona with Dr. Carter Yokoyama

Tooth Whitening by Yokoyama DentistryThere are so many products these days that claim to whiten teeth, but they tend to vary in effectiveness. The number of these products, though, reveals that many people have a need for a cosmetic dentistry solution that can brighten their smiles. None of these products, however, is as effective as a professional teeth whitening treatment from Dr. Carter Yokoyama at his practice in Kailua-Kona. Using both in-office teeth whitening and take-home teeth whitening, Dr. Yokoyama can increase the appeal of your smile.

The Causes of Stains on Teeth

Many different substances will cause a gradual discoloration of your teeth. Tobacco products of any kind can cause yellowing and stains. Beverages such as colas, coffee, tea, and red wine can result in stains over time as well. One thing that should also be accounted for when it comes to tooth discoloration is the natural aging process. Just getting older means your teeth will lose some of their whiteness.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

The use of in-office teeth whitening at Dr. Yokoyama’s Kailua-Kona practice has been quite successful at enhancing smiles. During the in-office teeth whitening process, Dr. Yokoyama performs a routine cleaning and then applies a special dental bleaching gel to your teeth. This gel is allowed to sit for a given period of time before it is then exposed to a special laser light to enhance the whitening effects. A single visit can lighten a smile several shades.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Dental Spa in Kailua KonaTake-home teeth whitening can be used instead of or as a supplement to in-office teeth whitening treatment at Dr. Yokoyama’s Kailua-Kona dental practice. The take-home teeth whitening kit involves the use of custom-made bleaching trays that a patient wears every night. Over the course of a few weeks, the patient should notice an enhancement of his or her smile.

This is similar to whitening kits you may see at stores, but with two important differences. Since the trays are custom-made, they are much more comfortable for you to wear, and since the treatment is provided by a dentist, the bleaching agent is more potent than those found in over-the-counter products yet just as safe.

Contact Us for a Teeth Whitening Consultation

If you are interested in teeth whitening and would like to learn more about your options, it is important to schedule a visit with Dr. Yokoyama at his Kailua-Kona practice. A teeth whitening consultation will assess the appearance of your teeth and whether or not teeth whitening will be the best solution to meet your needs. It may turn out that another cosmetic dentistry treatment would be best. To learn more about your dental care options, contact our dental spa in Kailua-Kona today to schedule a visit. To learn more about teeth whitening, read our teeth whitening overview blog today.


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Beautiful office, helpful and friendly staff, caring and knowledgeable doctor and hygienist, utmost care to keep everything clean and sanitary, current on research, new studies and technology within dentistry. Highly recommended Dr. Yokoyama’s office!
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The staff in this office are a blessing to the community. I've been visiting the office for more than five years now. I always leave my appointments confident that I had excellent quality, personalized care from professionals with high standards. On top of that, they leave you feeling like family and I come away better educated about the latest research and how to improve my oral/dental health
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I've always been warmly greeted by Michelle upon entering the very clean and professional office. She's been a great help in properly managing my dental benefits. All the staff has a great mix of professionalism and warm, personal care. Dr Yokoyama takes time to explain what is going on with your dental care and possesses great skill in his profession.
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Dr. Carter Yokoyama is the best dentist I've ever experienced and I've been on Earth a long while. The office/dental staff is exemplary, none better!

Meet Your Dentist, Dr. Carter Yokoyama

Dr. Carter S. Yokoyama grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii where he graduated from Punahou School in 1984. He completed both his undergraduate studies and dental school at the University of Washington, in Seattle. He graduated from the UW School of Dentistry in 1992 and is licensed to practice in both Hawaii and Washington. Dr. Yokoyama is an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and American Dental Association