Benefits of Six Months Smiles in Kalaoa

benefits of six month smiles

When it comes to choosing the right orthodontic treatment for you, it can be difficult to make a choice. Fortunately, at Yokoyama, DDS, we only want what is best for our patients which is why we offer Six Month Smiles as our orthodontic treatment of choice at our dental office. Six Month Smiles take traditional braces and present them in a more comfortable, convenient and fast-acting way. Discover the different benefits of Six Months Smiles in Kalaoa today!

Six Month Smiles Provide Fast Results

One of the biggest benefits of Six Month Smiles in Kalaoa is how fast they work. Traditional metal braces typically take two years to transform a smile into perfection. Six Month Smiles on the other hand only take about six months! If you find the thought of wearing braces for an extended period of time to feel like a burden, Six Month Smiles might be the right solution for you. See just how fast our dentist in Kalaoa can straighten your smile. The braces use innovative design to help expedite the braces process.

Six Month Smiles are Efficient and Convenient

Another one of the top benefits of Six Month Smiles in Kalaoa is how efficient and convenient the treatment is. For example, Six Month Smiles require less dental appointments than traditional braces. This means that you can spend less time in our office and less time wearing braces. This is good news for adults who don’t want to take their children or themselves out of work so that they can visit the dentist every 6 weeks.

Six Month Smiles Look Great

Although you will only be wearing them for about 6 months, we want you to know that Six Month Smiles still look great. With the white brackets and the tooth-colored wires, most people will hardly notice that you are wearing them. If you’re concerned about your appearance during your orthodontic treatment, Six Month Smiles is a great way to have a discreet and fast treatment.

Six Month Smiles are Effective and Affordable

You might wonder if Six Month Smiles even work effectively. We can tell you yes. Even though they work much faster than traditional braces, you can still expect the same beautiful results. In just six months, you can expect a beautiful and straight smile. Don’t worry about the cost, Six Month Smiles actually costs less than traditional braces. Whether your insurance is going to help cover the cost or not, you can expect big savings when it comes to using Six Month Smiles. There are so many benefits of Six Month Smiles in Kalaoa, it’s a no brainer to choose it for your orthodontic treatment,

Experience the Benefits of Six Months Smiles in Kalaoa for Yourself

Are you ready to straighten your smile? Give Carter Yokoyama, DDS in Kalaoa a call or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation for Six Month Smiles.

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