Benefits of Dental Crowns

benefits of dental crowns

We can damage our teeth in so many ways; even when we practice optimal oral hygiene. Whether it is due to eating something too hard, sustaining an injury, tooth decay, or even a cosmetic issue with a tooth, we may need to do something to ensure the long-term health and safety of that tooth. This is where the many benefits of dental crowns can come to the rescue, and why Carter Yokoyama, DDS in Kailua-Kona offers dental crowns as part of our restorative dentistry solutions.

Understanding Dental Crowns

In the past, crowns were also called caps, and this is a far more appropriate description. Just as a cap worn on the head covers the entire surface, so too does a dental crown. It is not a band of metal around the perimeter of a tooth but is actually a durable and long-lasting shield that protects it and allows it to be fully functional.

As your dentist in Kailua-Kona, we may recommend crowns for many reasons, and they include:

  • Because a tooth has extensive decay that cannot be addressed with a filling
  • When a tooth has an outdated amalgam filling in need of replacement
  • Because the tooth has broken
  • As part of a root canal
  • Because a tooth is misshapen or discolored and needs a cosmetic repair
  • When you have a dental implant

Clearly, by scanning this list, you see that the versatility of crowns as a treatment is also one of the benefits of dental crowns. The same treatment that can help those who have broken or fractured a tooth can also work as a cosmetic fix.

Of course, there are further benefits of dental crowns. For one, they are made specifically for you, ensuring your bite remains healthy and in place. They are crafted of porcelain meant to match your neighboring teeth, and no one will ever know that the tooth was topped with the crown. They are a long-lasting treatment that brings pain, discomfort or non-function of a tooth to an end.

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